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According to the reports issues by such large companies as Acil Allen, BP Energy Outlook, Hydrogen Council and others, even the worst-case scenario implies the total estimated demand for hydrogen by 2030 will be at least 77 million tons. In a positive situation, the figure may reach 111 million tons by 2030, and 567 million tons by 2050. The countries of the Balkan region, such as Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece are not only members of the European hydrogen programme FCH JU, but also actively develop projects for production and use of hydrogen.


By 2050, the total investment in clean hydrogen in Europe is expected to reach 470 billion euros. Among the countries of the Balkan region, Slovenia, for example, plans to invest 300 million euros in hydrogen by 2030, and annual costs will amount to 20-40 million euros. Serbia reports about the investments of 950 million euros in projects in the field of hydrogen strategy. Cumulative investments in hydrogen technologies in Bulgaria are estimated at 1.8 billion euros until 2030.

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Get more information about the potential of hydrogen energy in the countries of the Balkan region as well as about construction projects during the webinar.


What are the forecasts and new opportunities for development of hydrogen production in the Balkan region for the next 10 years?

What investment projects for construction of new hydrogen production facilities and modernisation of operational capacities are planned to be implemented in the region in 2022-2030?

What successful project implementation mechanisms will help the development of hydrogen production in the Balkan region?


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